My Experience

(Mi Experiencia)

Since elementary school I have always wanted to learn Spanish. It was a language I became interested in, since a supposedly Spanish class that I had was really a history class. In elementary school, students had "enrichment classes" which were small half an hour classes on different subjects. For example we would have a half an hour in a computer class, or half an hour in a reading class(in the library). So one of the classes was a language class. Our main class was with one class with one teacher who taught us all the subjects(math, English, science...), but the enrichment classes meant that some other teachers would teach us other subjects for some time. It was like extracariccular activities, but in school.

So in these Spanish classes, I was really expecting to start learning another language. I do not remember clearly, but I remember more learning about history, than Spanish. I remember that the teacher was very nice and she taught well, but she taught more about Latin culture and history. The only thing I knew to say in Spanish was "Hi, how are you." or "Hello, my name is". I also remember learning to count 1-10 and the colors in Spanish. Although, I did learn some Spanish it didn't seem like enough, and by the time I got to middle school, I barely remembered anything about Spanish. In middle school, I didn't take any Spanish classes. I didn't know they offered those classes. When I graduated middle school I realized that our middle school offered Spanish classes as elective classes.

Soon after when it came time to choose classes for freshmen year of high school, I chose Spanish, because I had always wanted to learn and be able to speak Spanish. So I decided to take Spanish 1 my first year. For the first two weeks, I had a teacher who was nice, but for some reason, I wasn't happy or comfortable in the class. I didn't feel like I was learning Spanish well. About three weeks later, since I didn't make a sports team, my Spanish class got changed, and so I got a different teacher. I remember the first day of her new class. She was talking pretty fast and I understood only about 65-70% of what she taught the whole day. I remember going up to the teacher at the end of the day, and telling her that I didn't understand much of what she taught in class, and that I felt that I was going to fail the class.

I remember thinking that I was actually going to fail Spanish 1. I remember not feeling well about the first test I took. I felt stressed and sad about another class I was taking that year as well, and I felt that I wasn't going to do well in Spanish either. Soon that changed. I started becoming more and more comfortable in the class. I had an A in Spanish 1, and I started LOVING Spanish.

The next year of high school(10th grade) I took Spanish 2 and it was amazing. I had a lot of friends in the class and the teacher taught very well. I became more comfortable about Spanish and I was so happy when I passed both semesters with an A. Originally, I was going to go to Spanish 3, but soon after the final exam, I was recommended to take Spanish 3 Honors. I was a bit unsure at first, but my teacher encouraged me to. Wow! A girl so sure that she would fail Spanish 1 was now here taking Spanish 3 Honors.

I was so happy that I took Spanish. Now, I am in the Spanish 3 Honors class, and it is going well. Each year my interest and love for Spanish grows. In the future, I plan on taking AP Spanish next year, and studying Spanish in the future.

So after reading about my experience so far, I hope you decide to start learning Spanish. Make sure to visit the fourth page and the culture page to discover somethings about Spanish. I am sure you will love Spanish as well!